[Circle] Problem with new.do_who.diff Patch...

From: Nicholas S. Wourms (reddragon@greatbasin.com)
Date: 11/07/96

Dear Coders,
	I just tried to implement new.do_who.diff into my mud.  Of course it 
would completely patch correctly, so I had to do some manual patching.  
After patching I tried to compile, but ran into this error:

make ../bin/circle
gcc -c -g -O   act.informative.c
act.informative.c:1403: unterminated character constant
*** Error code 1

Here is the lines from act.informative.c (Lines:  1402 & 1403):
    if (!found)
      send_to_char("Couldn't find any such thing.\r\n", ch);

Any help in solving this problem would be EXTREMELY HELPFUL!  I would 
like to extend thanks to anyone who even reads this.  I hope someone can 
give me a hint at the nature of this problem.
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