[Circle] [CIRCLE][CODE] Advance and Kick

From: Wizard Productions (keldor@rain.org)
Date: 11/09/96

Hello Kidies. ;)

I have a little problem.  well 2 little problems that have completely
baffled me.  

First Off.  I down graded to 1 class.  CLASS_PLAYER and I am only using 10
levels.  1 being the one I will keep mortals at and 10 being IMPL.  I also
added 4 catagories to spell_level and spello.  Just so you know what I am
d dealing with incase any of these mods caused the problem.

Firs BUG: 

When I use the command advance <char> <level> it totaly freaks out.  It
does not set their level, but it does set their hp/mov/mana to totaly
ludicris numbers like -29421 and 12919 etc..  This is really scaring me
cause I looked through the code and cannot figure out what on earth could
be making it do that.  

Second BUG:

When using the skill kick if you fail (I think you are failing) it sends a
failue message but it also send a success message at the same time so I
have no idea what it thinks is going on.  I am also not sure if it is even
doing the damage.  

These bugs may be simple and I am missing it but I cant figure it out.  If
you have any suggestions as to what it might be let me know.  Thanks.

WIZARD PRODUCTIONS, Making The Majic In Movies...

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