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From: M.A.Clubine (maclubin@adala.smith.cis.syr.edu)
Date: 11/09/96

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From: M.A.Clubine <maclubin@smith.cis.syr.edu>
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Subject: [Circle] save_char

Ok, this is a question that I have gone over quit a few times and I can't 
seem to figure out.  In my mud when you type quit it takes you to the 
menu.  If you type 0 it disconnects you.  If you then reconnect and login 
it will load you where you left.  If you type 1 instead of 0, it will 
take you to where you last loaded, instead of where you quit.

I am calling save_char in do_quit before it closes the connection, so I 
dug through the do_quit quit code and tried to add a 

 GET_LOADROOM(ch) = ((ch)->in_room);

after save_char, but shouldn't it be doing that in save_char anyways?
This is what I was able to dig out of the save_char function.

  if (load_room == NOWHERE)
    st.player_specials_saved.load_room = NOWHERE;
    st.player_specials_saved.load_room = world[load_room].number;

I dont understand why it works if you close the connection all together, 
but not if you relogin.  Anyone have any suggestions on this one?

Monroe - Eternal

p.s. let me know if what I just wrote makes no sense and I will try to 
explain it a different way.  I hope that enough people are still reading 
this list, so that when finally I need to use it for the correct purpose, 
I can get a helping hand.

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