Re: [Circle] Ackkk...Morts are becomin immorts

From: Etheral Darkness Admin (
Date: 11/09/96

On Sat, 9 Nov 1996, Nicholas S. Wourms wrote:

> Dear Coders,
> 	We are experincing a /MAJOR/ problem on our mud.  There is a bug 
> that allows level 30 morts to gain enough exp to get to level 31 
> (immort).  Any ideas on where this is is caused (what .c file or .h?).  
> And mabye you could give me a hint on how to solve it.  Thanks in advance!

well, this isnt a bug, its how its set up to do.. its called earning 
immort.. but the level 31 immorts dont really have anything as in wiz 
commands... i dunno how you could solve this if you want to promote only 
new immorts, well, you could make it like need like 500x the exp to make 
immort, making it nearly impossible or something to that effect.. thats 
the only way i know you could sove this problem.. unless you get into 
some extensive coding... myself, with a 200 level mud, think they deserve 
to immort whenever they've put enough time foreward to be dedicated to 
the mud...

Travis Turner
Imp of Etheral Darkness

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