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From: Argus (
Date: 11/10/96

> Well, the rooms would have to move... cus I kinda wanted to see something
> where you could enter a multiple room ship and the whole thing could move
> about, but to the person in the room the ship enters, it appears as an
> object...  Do you understand what I'm saying?  You like, see the ship as an
> object, and you can "enter" it, and move around within it...  like an object
> that moves, and it has rooms in it.  Is this too complex to even think about
> trying?

What I use in our intricate ship system is spec_procs and tics based 
on weather.  The ship is a coupld of rooms in a zone that at certain 
times "land" in different areas or docks.  You can ask the first mate 
where you are when you land and you can depart at that location if 
you like.  you can also move around the ship freely.  (I am thinking 
of putting in random events as well i.e. giant squid attacks, pirate 
attacks, rough weather, etc etc).

The jist of how I did it.
1) create the rooms for the ship
2) create the dock rooms
3) create spec procs for a ship object (I used a mob instead)
4) create the timer functions in weather.c and add them into the 

it works pretty well.

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