Re: [Circle] race dependant spells

From: Whitey (zacker@ACSU.Buffalo.EDU)
Date: 11/10/96


On Sun, 10 Nov 1996, Mathieu Fenniak wrote:

> Nic Suzor wrote:
> > 
> > Hey,
> > 
> > i have recently added races to my mud, and i am toying with an idea:
> > 
> > currently spells are given to pcs based on class. what would be ideal, is
> > to also have spells given to races. so, a HUMAN MAGE and a OGRE MAGE would
> > have the same MAGE class spells, but the ogre might have a couple of extra
> > spells given only to ogres... the way im thinking of doing it would be to
> > duplicate the whole do_cast function, but that might be a little big... i
> > am wondering if i can just add another pointer in do_cast to a new array
> > like the one in class.c that defines spell levels. if i just make a new
> > array, SPELL_RACE_LEVEL or something like that, is it possible? this would
> > also be easier as i wouldnt need to add a new command instead of cast etc.
> > just a thought.
> > 
> > Nic Suzor
> I'm not sure if this would be an easier or a better wa y to do this, but
> it might work. Just add the spell normally, as if it were for all races.
> Then put something like this:
> if (GET_RACE(ch) == RACE_HUMAN) {
>    send_to_char(ch, "Only ogres can cast this spell!");
>    break;
>  }
> It would work (I think), and it would be relativly problem free.
> 				Mathieu Fenniak

Um, this would work I supose, but then you would have human who could 
PRACTICE the spell, but never be able to cast it, which seems sorta silly.

You need to restrict the practicing of the spell to a certain race.
Then,  If ya wanted to, you could grant the spell to humans who have
befriended the Ogre race (if ya wanted to role-play).

How you do this is your problem, I'm not much of a coder.


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