Re: [Circle] race dependant spells

From: Leonard Burns IV (
Date: 11/10/96

Nic Suzor wrote:
> Hey,
> i have recently added races to my mud, and i am toying with an idea:
> currently spells are given to pcs based on class. what would be ideal, is
> to also have spells given to races. so, a HUMAN MAGE and a OGRE MAGE would
> have the same MAGE class spells, but the ogre might have a couple of extra
> spells given only to ogres... 

Not sure if this will work but this is how I'd make an attempt at it.

I'm thinking about just duping the SPELL_LEVEL, INIT_SPELL_LEVEL, and any
others. Then changing all the occurences of CLASS to RACE and then just define
them like normal in CLASS.C and then just use it like:

Leonard Burns IV
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