[Circle] Results of moderated list/newsgroup poll

From: Eric Green (egreen@cypronet.com)
Date: 11/10/96

Please take the time to read the "PLEASE READ" section, even if you do not
read anything else in this message.


The poll had three options to pick from.  The description given below is
the same as appeared on the polling page.

  People have proposed in the past creating a new list targeted for more
  experienced CircleMUD admins.  This actually has been tried before.  It
  picked up the level a little bit, but quite a bit was cross-posted between
  lists, and there still was the spam.

  A second method that was proposed was a moderated mailing list.  The biggest
  problem with this method is finding a victim^H^H^H^H^H^Hmoderator.  I am
  willing to be the head moderator of this list, provided I can get a few
  people to assist in it.  (A couple people have already expressed interest
  in helping.  Email me if you're willing to help out.)  This mailing list
  would be targeted at more experienced users.  (Though a moderated announce
  and/or newbie question list could be created with volunteers.)

  The third method proposed was starting a newsgroup, such as
  rec.games.mud.circle.  This would be unmoderated (since we probably won't
  find a sucker for this job), more or less replacing the existing list.
  A newsgroup to mail gateway could be set up for people without access to
  a good newsfeed.  In order to create a newsgroup, there would have to be
  a volunteer for the two to three month process, ending in a vote 2/3 in
  favor and 100 more FOR votes than AGAINST votes.


Only 13 votes were received between Thursday night and Sunday afternoon,
distributed as:
  Unmoderated: 6
  Moderated:   6
  Newsgroup:   1

  * Several were happy with the existing list, and don't want any more.
  * Newsgroups are typically filled with MUCH more spam than this mailing
    list, from "get rich quick" posts to crossposting from other newsgroups.
  * Not everyone has good access to newsgroups.
  * Two unmoderated mailing lists lead to a lot of crossposting.
  * Moderation is censorship and leads to an elite club.

  My reason for setting up this poll was to determine if people wanted to go
  with a newsgroup or a moderated mailing list.  With only one vote for a
  newsgroup, this tells me that there is not enough interest in a newsgroup to
  be able to get enough votes to create one.

  Many are happy with the current system, and several object to others telling
  what can and can't be posted.  This list will continue to exist for these
  people.  There are quite a few people who have unsubscribed to this mailing
  list because of the noise on it, and i'm sure several more who have considered
  it.  For these people, i am going to continue with my plans of creating a
  moderated mailing list.


The purpose of the new moderated mailing list (what is acceptable to post)
needs to be discussed.  This mailing list (circle@cspo.queensu.ca) would be
the best place to do this, since it will allow the largest participation.
The alternate option would be to create a temporary (unmoderated) mailing
list for people to subscribe to discuss this.

If you object to discussions of the purpose of the new list taking place on
the Circle mailing list, please mail me (egreen@cypronet.com, not the
list).  If objections are received, i will create a temporary list for

Please do not start a discussion of moderated mailing list purpose at this
time.  I will mail the list with instructions once i have given time for
objections to be heard.

Note to volunteer moderators
  Thanks for your offers.  I will get back to you when we are a little bit
closer to the working list.


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