Re: [Circle] [Code] Error in world File

From: M.A.Clubine (
Date: 11/11/96

We had this problem. Your olc just "ate" your .wld file.  It ate our 
30.wld file.  When I mean "ate" it destroyed it.  It erased probably over 
half of it.  My suggestion is that you grab another .wld file if it's 
stock, and if it's not, remove that .wld file from your index file till 
one of your builders can go in and repair the damage.

>    We have run into something very strange, Oasis messed up again saving 
> a zone, the mud crashed.  And now refuses to boot.  I get the following
> error
> in syslog.CRASH:
> Mon Nov 11 23:04:00 :: Loading zone table.
> Mon Nov 11 23:04:01 :: Loading rooms.
> Format error in world file near world #2683
> Offending line: '^M'
> What Im having a problem is, that we have no zone #26, 
> Does anyone know what this number really stands for?  Is this Real-Room #?
> Im totally baffled.   

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