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From: M.A.Clubine (
Date: 11/12/96

What I did was I put:

GET_LOADROOM(ch) = world[InRoom(ch)].number;

in the do_quit code in act.other.c.  What I had been doing was


which was wrong due to the difference between virtual numbers and real 
numbers.  Thank you those who did reply to me.  

> > Ok, this is a question that I have gone over quit a few times and I can't 
> > seem to figure out.  In my mud when you type quit it takes you to the 
> > menu.  If you type 0 it disconnects you.  If you then reconnect and login 
> > it will load you where you left.  If you type 1 instead of 0, it will 
> > take you to where you last loaded, instead of where you quit.

One option, which is more of a hack is to disconnect people once they 
type quit, ie force them to type 0 at the menu.  Copy the code from the 
con_menu 0 to do_quit, that way ytou aren't sending them back to the 
menu.  Or you could make players load where they save.  That has it's 
advantages and disadvatages.  What we did was we have the players load 
where they save upto one hour.  Then when hp, mana, etc is restored, we 
set them back to their racial hometowns.  That way we are getting the 
best of both worlds.

> This is indeed a problem, and it's not a modification to the mud you've
> made like auto-eq and stuff.  As a matter of fact, you get the errors
> on a stock circle30bpl11.  When i get this figured out I'll pass the
> solution along.
> BTW, is this a problem for Linux boxes only? Can somebody recreate this
> problem under Win95?

Eternal is running of a SunOS System.

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