[Circle] CircleMUD Moderated mailing list

From: Eric Green (egreen@cypronet.com)
Date: 11/12/96

I will be starting a moderated mailing list for CircleMUD soon.  In order
for this to be of the highest quality to its subscribers, it needs a well
defined charter.  If you are interested in subscribing to this new list,
please join in this discussion so we can create a list which best serves
the CircleMUD admins.

Please note:  This moderated list is in addition to the current CircleMUD
list (circle@cspo.queensu.ca).  The current list will not be replaced or
altered because of the new list.

To get things started, the following is a suggestion for a rough draft.


This mailing list provides a discussion medium for people involved with
running CircleMUDs.  This includes discussions about CircleMUD code, game
play, and administration.  Maintainers of patches, utilities, areas, and
documents are encouraged to announce new releases here.

Finding answers to questions answered in the various FAQs and documentation
available about CircleMUD are the responsibility of the subscriber; this
documentation should be carefully read before mailing this list.
Subscribers are assumed to have basic C programming skills for
participation in the coding discussions, such as understanding of the
language syntax, C keywords, and very common libc functions.

Topics not pertaining directly CircleMUD should be discussed elsewhere.
For example, questions on how to set up networking on a Linux system should
be asked in the comp.os.linux newsgroups (even if its to host a MUD), while
discussion about using Linux's elf library format to add dynamically
reloadable portions of the MUD is welcomed.

Advertisements of MUDs and MUD sites are prohibitied.  Code segments over
two hundred lines and binary files should not be posted to the list.

This list is moderated to enforce adherence with this charter.


| Ensure that you have read the CircleMUD Mailing List FAQ: |
|   http://cspo.queensu.ca/~fletcher/Circle/list_faq.html   |

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