Re: [Circle] AutoEQ Error?!

From: M.A.Clubine (
Date: 11/13/96

Ok, now this flame isn't directly to only you, becase MABYE, just MABYE, you 
just joined this list.  The answer has been posted to the list by myself 
at least 3 times.  How many times are we going to answer this question?  
Can we add it to the faq anytime soon, and can you people who are asking 
this question PLEASE start reading the list?  Anyways for the last time, 
here is the answer.

Here is the code I am using:

      load_result = Crash_load(d->character);
      save_char(d->character, Loadroom(d->character));

This is taken from interpreter.c in con_menu choice 1.
You will need to change the LOADROOM part, I dont beleive that is 
standard circle code.  I am using room 3, but it doesn't matter what room 
you use.

> I am getting this error everytime AutoEQ is used when a player enters the
> game WITH equipment to re-equip:
> SYSERR: ch->in_room = NOWHERE when equipping char.
> Now, I understand what it means, but I dont know how to fix it... Could
> someone give me a clue on what I should be checking out?

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