[Circle] Re: OBUILD modifications

From: Sammy (samedi@clark.net)
Date: 11/14/96

On Tue, 12 Nov 1996, Rasdan wrote:

- Is all I have to do to increase the max number of zones is modify
- these lines:
-     if(zone > 326) {
-       send_to_char("326 is the highest zone you can conjure.\r\n", ch);
-       return;

Nope.  These lines are there so you don't go over the circle limit of
32762 rooms (the max positive value of a short int).  What you'll have to
do is find all the sh_int declarations of rooms, mobs, objects, and shops
(I may be missing something else) and make them int's, then change the
above line to the maximum integer positive value (whatever that is).

- Also, (so I don't mess up the code) how do I modify oset to include some
- things added by me in the code.

If you added item types, add a keyword to the list at the beginning of
do_oset, find a case statement that sets item types (ex: ITEM_FOOD), and
ad another case statement just like that one.  If it's more complicated
than a flag there may be more involved but I'd need to know what you're
adding to give better advice.

- -----------------
- OBUILD bugs
-   Some strange characters are placed in front of the room and exit
- descriptions, things like upside-down question marks, etc.

Gonna look into this.

-   ^M are put at the end of exit descriptions.

Ah finally someone tells me _where_ the extra ^M's are.  Thanks :)


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