Re: [Circle] Redit problem

From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 11/14/96

On Thu, 14 Nov 1996 wrote:

> Ok... I've got an redit problem that I'm trying to debug and thought you
> might be able to help. We are using the latest version of oasis with the
> improved editor.
> We set all the users OLC zones, but when they perform an redit, the
> zones show up always in zone 0 (using the rlist command). When there are
> 99 rooms in zone 0, the mud crashes when you add one more (as it
> should).

Umm, praytell, why "should" the MUD ever crash?  Especially with
this.  Since CircleMUD permits more than 99 rooms per zone, I can't
see why exactly the OLC "should" cause crash.  That sounds more
like a short-coming of the OLC package you use than anything else.
The MUD never "should" crash -- it will only crash when something is
wrong, and since we'd rather nothing be wrong with the MUD, the MUD
never should crash. :)

> I've confirmed that the olc zone number is right on the users (stated
> them all), and it's right.
> When this first popped up, I was told that it wouldn't apply to non-imps
> cause they always had an olc zone set to be able to edit (which they
> do).
> God I hope this mess makes sense. But for some reason, redit doesn't
> recognize the zone when they save the room until after reboot. Oedit and
> medit aren't affected.
> I'm wondering before I grep through the codes and compare whether this
> is a common bug or if I've just done something stupid.

Does the OLC create a new zone_data and reorder the table to
insert the zone?  Are the room's 'zone' member set to the
the zone they're in?  Point is, the OLC needs to create a new
zone_table and insert the new zone.  I think that would be
the problem.  See, if it's just writing out the file but not
updating the current zone_table, the new zone_table won't be
present until the MUD is rebooted.

Try recreateing the zone_table with one more field and finding
where to insert your new zone.  Perhaps look at RECREATE for
doing this, eh?  Assuming the OLC package you use doesn't do
this, already, of course.

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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