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From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 11/15/96

On Fri, 15 Nov 1996, DJ Pure wrote:

I think someone should get on the task of finishing that coding.doc

> So i hunt around, and low and beyold, I find this function in the
> spec_assign.c file.
> Now. 2 questions. What does this do AND do i need it. My guesses are -
> they FORCE add these objs/mobs to the mud and NO, delete those lines.
> ****  8<  cut here  >8  ******
> [from spec_assign.c]
> ...
> void assign_mobiles(void)
> {
>   SPECIAL(postmaster);

Ok, any mob and object (and even rooms) in your mud can ahave what is
called a special procedure, this is what makes mobs really stand out and
do special things, so you can, for example, have themayor wandering in
town, have the guards kill everyone in sight which looks suspicious, have
some mobs throw spells and have others cure, etc. Even guildmasters need
this procs.

This special procedures are written in C, like the rest of the circle
package, and most of them can be found in spec_procs.c (there are other
files with specific spec procs, like castle.c), there you define the
special procedure and you assign it with spec_asign.c, eah spec_proc has a
name, in spec_assign you call the name and vnum of the obj/mob you want to
link the spec proc to (in mobs you have also to rutn the spec flag on).

You probably will want to move those vnums to the ones in your new areas,
specially the ones regarding guildmasters and the bank...



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