Re: [Circle] [Races] [Newbie] Compile Error

From: AxL (
Date: 11/15/96

>   case CON_QRACE:
>     if ((GET_RACE(d->character) = parse_race(*arg)) == CLASS_UNDEFINED) {
>       SEND_TO_Q("\r\nThat's not a race.\r\nRace: ", d);
>       return;
>     }

	I initally referred to the races.doc wehn doing the race adds as 
well, but it has a few shortfalls.  Don't get me was a great 
help, but just a bit incomplete in places. :)

	Copy the CON_QCLASS directly above it, and change it to the below.
This turned out to be the solution to my prob, and my error msgs looked

  case CON_QRACE:
    load_result = parse_race(*arg);
    if (load_result == RACE_UNDEFINED) {
      SEND_TO_Q("\r\nThat's not a race.\r\nRace: ", d);
    } else
      GET_RACE(d->character) = load_result;

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