Re: [Circle] Displaying STR,CON,DEX, etc...

From: DJ Pure (
Date: 11/16/96

> The subject says it all... How do you display those statistics? strength
> dexterity charisma etc...

	Check utils.h (i think)
it has these absolutly wicked definitions in there that return results
(strings, ints or whatever - depends on the definition).

to print strength ->

	printf ("Strength = %d\n", GET_STR(ch));

now ch may change, depending on where you are in your code. Like i printed
out the value of strength to the screen to test a newbie rolling function,
which was in nanny, so i had to do this ..

	printf ("Strength = %d\n", GET_STR(d->character));

anyway's you get the drift. Check the utils.h

Also, for the race parser, if you used the races doc, there is a function
in utils.h that returns an integer. this integer is the number of the
race, which is definined in structs.h

lets say you did this.

#define race_1  0
#define race_2  1
#define race_3  2
#define no_race -1
#define num_races 3

then the GET_RACE is
#define GET_RACE(ch)    ((ch)->player.race)  [provided that races are
saved in that structure]

now that returns an integer of -1, 0, 1 or 2

Now the parser should be like this then

<in races.c>
// This is the names that get printed out on the screen.
const char *pc_race_types[] = {"race 1", "race 2", "race 3", "\n"); 

int parse_race(int arg)
/* Race Parser now takes integers in as input, instead of a single
   The switch statement is also fixed up to take ints, instead of chars.
   the parser can determine races of number 10 and up so more can be added
   later - Jus
	switch (arg) {
	case 1 :
		return race_1;     break;
	case 2:
		return race_2;       break;
	case 3:
		return race_3;     break;
	default :
		return no_race; break;

*DISCLAIMER -> i'm a pesant coder ... so some of this might not work for
OTHER peoples codes ..

And of course, i didn't use the races i have in my mud for protection
reasons, but now the races can go over 10 where before i couldn't (i wish
i knew that after i threw in my 12 races .. *sigh*).


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