FW: [Circle] portals

From: Gary Barnett (gbarnett@polarnet.com)
Date: 11/16/96

On Saturday, November 16, 1996 1:25 AM, Brian Williams - Nashak[SMTP:bmw@efn.org] wrote:
>hrm, I want to add portals.. <not the spell> that load in certain rooms.. 
>i.e. have a portal in 1204 that goes to 3001 or something, so you "enter
>portal" and it puts in in room 3001.. I want them to stay there
>permanently too, so I can like.. have special places that you can only get
>there by portals.. etc.. any tips on how to do this, or has anyone done it

Might consider adding a vnum for extra descriptions to
link to, as well as a set of flags to determine the
abilities a player needs to enter that particular exit.
Then update the do_exits command to display those
'enterable' exits. Of course you then have to add the
code to handle movement into this new type of 'exit'
and move followers, etc.. 


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