[Circle] DO_SCORE

From: Gerald Wichmann (stile@ix.netcom.com)
Date: 11/16/96

I don't generally like posting code and asking people to fix my
problems for me but.. well.. i guess i'm breaking my own rules :).  I was
writing my own SCORE display and below is what i got down..  Unfortunetly
it crashes when i type SCORE in the game and nothing is displayed at all
(so not much help there).  Anyways i'd appreciate a quick lookover if
anyone sees anything obvious that i'm just too brain dead to see right

Also i've been making a lot of changes and would like to reset the mud
(erase whatever test characters and all i've generated so far.  Whats the
proper way to completely reset the mud?  I'm sure this info is somewhere
as well but i don't recall where.. 


  int i;
  struct time_info_data playing_time;
  struct time_info_data real_time_passed(time_t t2, time_t t1);


  sprintf(buf, "NAME   : %-32.30s AGE    : %d\r\n",GET_NAME(ch),GET_AGE(ch));
  sprintf(buf, "RACE   : %-32.30s ALIGN  : %d\r\n",GET_RACE(ch),GET_ALIGNMENT(ch));
  sprintf(buf, "CLASS  : %-32.30s LEVEL  : %d\r\n",GET_CLASS(ch),GET_LEVEL(ch));
  sprintf(buf, "HEIGHT : %-32.30d WEIGHT : %d\r\n",GET_HEIGHT(ch),GET_WEIGHT(ch));
  sprintf(buf, "TITLE  : %s\r\n",GET_TITLE(ch));

  if (GET_CLASS(ch) == CLASS_WARRIOR && GET_STR(ch) == 18)
    sprintf(buf, "STR    : %-32.30d/%d Hit Points  : %d/%d\r\n",GET_STR(ch),GET_ADD(ch),GET_HIT(ch),GET_MAX_HIT(ch));
    sprintf(buf, "STR    : %-32.30d Hit Points  : %d/%d\r\n",GET_STR(ch),GET_HIT(ch),GET_MAX_HIT(ch));
  sprintf(buf, "INT    : %-32.30d Mana        : %d/%d\r\n",GET_INT(ch),GET_MANA(ch),GET_MAX_MANA(ch));
  sprintf(buf, "WIS    : %-32.30d Armor Class : %d\r\n",GET_WIS(ch),GET_AC(ch));
  sprintf(buf, "DEX    : %-32.30d Move Points : %d/%d\r\n",GET_DEX(ch),GET_MOVE(ch),GET_MAX_MOVE(ch));
  sprintf(buf, "CON    : %-32.30d Experience  : %d/%d\r\n",GET_CON(ch),GET_EXP(ch),(titles[(int) GET_CLASS(ch)][GET_LEVEL(ch) + 1].exp) - GET_EXP(ch));
  sprintf(buf, "CHA    : %-32.30d Gold        : %d/%d\r\n",GET_CHA(ch),GET_GOLD(ch),GET_BANK_GOLD(ch));
  sprintf(buf, "HIT ROLL : %-32.30d DAMAGE ROLL : %d\r\n",(ch)->points.hitroll,(ch)->points.damroll);
  sprintf(buf, "SAVING THROWS: PAR[%d]  ROD[%d]  PET[%d]  BRE[%d] SPE[%d]\r\n",GET_SAVE(ch,0),GET_SAVE(ch,1),GET_SAVE(ch,2),GET_SAVE(ch,3),GET_SAVE(ch,4));


    playing_time = real_time_passed((time(0) - ch->player.time.logon) +
				  ch->player.time.played, 0);
    sprintf(buf, "%sYou have been playing for %d days and %d hours.\r\n",
	  buf, playing_time.day, playing_time.hours);

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