[Circle] ?????SPECIAL PROCEDURE?????

From: BlackWind (BlackWind@multiplex.com)
Date: 11/16/96

Here's an example of what I mean;

(character has arrived at the princess)
Princess Sethran says, '(character)!  You've saved me!!!  Oh it is so
nice to be free!  Please!  Go to my father at the end of the tunnel and
tell him the secret code.
(small pause)
Princess Sethran tells (character), 'the code is 'peace'
(very small pause)
(Princess Sethran opens the trapdoor.)
Princess Sethran says, 'please, hurry.
(character has arrived at king)
character tells King BradeLeck, 'peace'
King BradeLeck tells character, 'I see you have talked to my daughter.
The town will be safe for now, as long as you have this.
(very small pause)
King BradeLeck stops usign the glowing talon of Gratonia.
(very small pause)
King BradeLeck gives character the glowing talon of Gratonia.
(small pause)
King BradeLeck opens the hatch.
King BradeLeck tells you, 'please, get out of here before Schten finds
out about 
this.  Please do hurry.  Thank you ever so much.

King  is 6612
Princess is 6611
Princess room is 6672
King Room is 6678
Talons are 6618

	Thanx again, 
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