Re: [Circle] Re: ram requirements

From: Erik (
Date: 11/16/96

> I don't think you can compare Duris to a new mud that may have 1 or 2
> intermediate coders.  Don't let this guy scare you :)  And once you know
> what you're doing with the code, you can always optimize for memory, such
> as switching idle zones out of memory (you can get HUGE savings this way,
> especially when starting a new mud with a small player base).
> Sam
> p.s. You guys on Duris wouldn't happen to be employees of Microsoft, would
> you? ;)
  It would be nice to swap out idle zones, but with 150 on a slow night, 
there just isnt enough idled to bother with.
  And no, Microsofts method of solving tough problems is to use visual 
products, which is why there drivers occupy 3-4 pages. Our staff switches 
to assembly :)
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