Re: [Circle] OasisOLC bug

From: Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev (
Date: 11/16/96

On Sat, 16 Nov 1996, Wizard Productions wrote:

> Well Almost all the Oasis OLC bugs are well known and constantly posted on
> here.  We dont know how to fix them.  There are people trying the person
> who originally coded it dors not support it any more.  I have seen atleast
> 100 different bug posts go through here, all of them the same.  There is
> an OasisOLC list serever starting up in theory.  The post was a while
> back.  Maybee the person starting it could repost.

Mmmmm, well, I think I successfully created a quick hack to the 'new mob -
not saving' bug in OasisOLC. It seemed that the free_char() routine in
std. circle and the routine creating a new mobile to edit didn't go along
very well with eachother. A fix has been posted on the Web-page support
site of the OasisBUG list.

The Web-site addy is:

Joining the mailinglist is done by writing a message to :, and but the following message in the BODY of that
e-mail message:

subscrive oasisbug

That should add you to the list. There are a few rules for the list which
you can ask me about b4 you join it, or receive by joining the list.
Actually it's more guidelines for the usage of the list than rules..


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