Re: [Circle] Mounting Animals

From: Haddixx (
Date: 11/17/96

At 06:15 PM 11/16/96 -0800, you wrote:
>  You'll need to add a struct char *rider and struct char *riding to the 
>mob/pc shared structs. 

This reminds me of a small problem I have encountered with pointers to 
characters.  I first noticed it with my mount code but it has also happened
with a few special procedures that point to characters.  Anyways, what
happens is that pointer to the character can get screwed up and it ends up
pointing to something else, like another mobile or character.  It usually
happens right after a zone reset.  It can be pretty amuzing when you are
mounted on a horse one instant and then a rabbit or something else the
next.  Has anyone experience anything like this? Or is this more likely
something I brought on myself with my endless hacks at the code?

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