[Circle] compiling error...

From: Superman (wolfpak@cyberverse.com)
Date: 11/17/96

saved in the playerfile. But when I compile I get the errors below, I 
can't for the life of me figure out why i'm getting them though. :(
HELP!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! *beg*

db.c:1846: incompatible types in assignment
db.c:1847: incompatible types in assignment

here are the lines of code:

ch->player_specials->saved.poofin = st->player_specials_saved.poofin;
ch->player_specials->saved.poofout = st->player_specials_saved.poofout;

here are the declarations for poofin/poofout(dunno if these will help):

char poofin[MAX_POOF_LENGTH+1];
char poofout[MAX_POOF_LENGTH+1];

				-Superman - in dire need of help.
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