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From: Sigurdur R. Helgason (
Date: 11/18/96

At 22:00 1996-11-17 -0500, you wrote:
>> Please, no flames, I admit to the fact that I have no knowledge of C
>> programming.

>If you are in Win95, ask one of the Win Gurus about your
>  Start/Find/Files button, believe you can do a 'grep' with it.

at dos prompt use 'find'  type 'help find'  or find /? for params
or use the 'find in files' in the file menu of VC++ (if youre using it,
or the standard find in the win95/NT4.0 graf shell (start menu; find;  Files
or Folders) ( specify text in 'Advanced' page/flip .. whatever ).

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