Re: [Circle] dmalloc

From: Mark McArthey (
Date: 11/19/96

On Mon, 18 Nov 1996, Ric Klaren  wrote:


> I include the dmalloc.h below in sysdep.h

Same here.

> you did something like (for bash) 
> eval `dmalloc -l /mud/dmalloc.log -i 100 mud`
>                                          ^^^ 

Correct.  I believe my command used 'low' here, but otherwise the same.

> then if everything went well you got an extra environment var DMALLOC
> echo $DMALLOC should print all the options....

This command dumped to STDOUT the statements that would set the 
environment variables.  I had to manually take them and export them.
Doing a 'env' shows they are then part of the enviroment though.
No real problem there.

> Then just execute the prog (you of course did a complete recompile of all 
> source...)

Yep, recompiled the source.  No problems indicated in compile.
Still no log.
Should this log file be generated immediately?  Only upon errors, etc?

I have followed the steps in the README's and they match with what
you have outlined above.  
Still no luck.


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