Re: [Circle] [bug??] Snoop circle

From: Steve Moret (
Date: 11/19/96

On Tue, 19 Nov 1996, Mud Administrator wrote:

Well the idea of a snooping loop is BAD, however the way it is currently
setup, the only way you CAN make one is to PURPOSEFLY make one. (i.e. with
imps changing each other's levels). to put in a check to see if anybody
is snooping someone else/etc would be redundant. I think if you try SO hard
to get a snoop circle, you deserve to crash the mud, and hell your the IMPS
you can bring down the mud anyway.

> some of my fellow imm+s and I actually pulled off a complete snoop circle 
> in which we caused an infinite loop of snooping....
> it was fun and all, but I was wondering if it should be changed...
> in case ya wanna know how it was done
> IMP A: level 204
> IMP B: level 204
> GOD C: level 202
> imp a snoops god c
> imp b sets imp a level 203
> imp b snoops imp a
> imp b sets imp a level 204
> imp a set imp b level 201
> imp a forces god c snoop imp b
> creates a nice lil circle of snooping
> }:->
Steve Moret

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