Re: [Circle] HeartBeat Check

From: Daniel W. Burke (
Date: 11/20/96

> I have this little problem with my mount code. When a character dies and is
> mounted, the mounted animal stays hidden and the MOB_MOUNTED flag stays on,
> I wanted to create a check somewhere in the heartbeat so make sure that the
> animals rider is still alive, but I really dont know how to do that. What
> if the player comes back into the game, and the check didn't happen yet,
> will it think that the player is still the rider? Can anyone help me out on
> this one?

why not add something to die() or somewhere abouts there, that does 
eomthing like:

  if (character is mounted) {
     do what it takes to remove it, possibly just a call do whatever your
     equivilant to dismount is.
  then all the make_corpse etc etc here


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