Re: [Circle] [C] bzero

From: JTRhone (
Date: 11/20/96

> Could someone tell me where BZERO is from? Which Library or Which INCLUDE.

A very good place to look for an extremely simple syntactical issue such
as this is in your man pages.  I.E.  If, by the off chance you have never
used a man page, the command is: man bzero.  Man pages are absolutely
amazing things.. you get the prototypes, the libraries, and usually the
author mentions one or two things about the function itself.  Try it,
you'll like it.
Again, I'd point to a 20 dollar C book, or at least a 10 dollar C
pocket reference...

Oh, and so this isn't a totally useless reply, <string.h> :)

vall aka jtrhone aka sarcasm man RoA.

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