[Circle] Error in Code....

From: DragonMUD Admin DragonMUD Admin Nicholas S. Wourms (reddragon@greatbasin.com)
Date: 11/20/96

Okay here is the problem....
	I tried to put in socials and eventually had to patch the code
myself.  After patching, I tried to compile and got this error: make
gcc -c -g -O act.other.c 
act.other.c: In function `do_steal':
act.other.c:192: structure has no member named `func' 
*** Error code 1

The lines of code are (191-193):
  if (GET_LEVEL(vict) >= LVL_IMMORT || pcsteal ||
      GET_MOB_SPEC(vict) == shop_keeper)
    percent = 101;  /* Failure */

If anyone has a solution to the problem, it would be greatly 
If at all, can someone tell me what the error means?
*THANKS* in advance!
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