Re: [Circle] Adding Levels - Question

From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 11/20/96

Ok this comes from coding AND dnd background (who i *beleive* originated
the THAC0).... you can actually have a NEGATIVE thac0, at least on the
role playing side, it just means that you hit better and better, BUT i
dont have my code infront of me, so i am not sure how this would affect
that, as long as its just plugging a number into an equation, it should eb
ok, if i am way off, a note to me would be appriciated, and flames of
course to me.

Ghost Shaidan

On Thu, 21 Nov 1996, DJ Pure wrote:

> > 
> > Is there some reason why I shouldn't set any of the THAC0 values to "0"?
> 	Yes there is. The lower the thaco value, the better it is to hit a mob. 0
> is the lowest there is. This means, when a die is rolled (d20) anything
> UNDER your thaco value is considered a MISS [for armour class of zero, that
> is], so if you have a thaco of 15, then it means you require a 15-20 on a
> d20 roll to hit a mob with ac of 0. remember, though, that newbies have
> HIGH (bad) thaco (ie. level 1 is around thaco 19), but then again, the mobs
> they are trying to kill have crap armour, so it all balances out. This
> ensures that level 1 newbies don't go and kill a dragon or whatever at
> level 1. It's also realistic - with battle and adventuring experience, the
> new *character* will soon grow in knowledge and combat prowess .. etc etc
> etc. ..
> i think you get the drift.
> jussy
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