[Circle] [win95 bat file]

From: Clepto (clepto@oemsunix.onysd.wednet.edu)
Date: 11/22/96

Christopher M. Ryan wrote:
> > >Ok, i now have it running under win95 and i can access the mud, i am
> just
> > >wondering what the last 4 lines on this mean and how i can solve
> > >errors, also my logging does not work at all, my log dir is empty, is
> >
> > >Error reading board: No such file or directory
> >
> > Post something on the boards, that'll create the file.
> >
> > As for the log/ directory.  Files there are made by the "autorun"
> > script which you aren't running (it's a shell script).  If you want to
> make
> > syslogs, you'll have to change the log() function to write to disk
> itself.
>         some earlier posted a run.bat template (or something to go by)
> a mud and have it load back up again if it crashes.
> bin\circle.exe
> run.bat
> if you want to log to a file make use >
> bin\circle.exe > log\circle.log
> run.bat
> This will redirect the messages to the log file. i am not sure if the
> messages will still appear on the screen. for this you have to edit
> <shrug> it is a simple way to do it. you can also expand this to write
> different log names if one alreadt exits but i thiingk it will append if
> the file exits already.

has anyone tried downloading "sh.exe" or "grep.exe" or any of the other
tools from cygnus or djgcc and trying to make the shell script that
comes with circle run.  Is this feesable? I'v run sh.exe on under win95
from cygnus, i beleive it is BASH.

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