[Circle] Getting eliza going

From: Erik (madison@nevada.edu)
Date: 11/23/96

  I've jsut spent the last hour or so getting eliza going, debugging it, 
and then expanding it. Here's a few pointers that may aid you, as the 
docs are seriously lacking...

  Under your /src, mkdir chat
  move all of /eliza to /chat, and /eliza/Original/chat_src/Makefile to /chat
  move /chat_src/chat.data to /chat
  Add chatperform to actcomm, sprucing up as needed.
  Add #include "chatlink.h" to one of your global .h files. Probably 
    sysdep.h, although Im not 100% familiar with circle.
  Add startchat("~/src/chat/chat.data") to db.c, near where it loads in other
    string files, such as actions and messages. Change the directory as 
  Compile /chat dir, add the .o files to your makefile (but not chatmain.o)

  *NOTES: chatperformtoroom serves little purpose, and with nice tweaking 
     to chatperform, it is redundant, and useless. I left it out. 
     Chatperform contains a few errors, but these may vary with your source.
     Notably, a few of the calls read (reply + 1). This should only be used
     for the actual cases, where the data file contains like !do_this or 
     "do_that. As most of the data is of the default type, with nothing 
     prefixing it but the weight value, then the default must be simply
     (reply) or you will lose the first letter. There are also some memory
     freeing errors, but I cannot help you there, as all our mem management
     is done via inline asm code.
     And finally, the file that compiling the .C files produced, chat*, is
     only meant for testing your database. When it asks for a filename, 
     expects chat.data or another inline filename. That executable has 
     nothing to do with the actual mud aspect.

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