Re: [Circle] [Newbie] Levels

From: Jörgen sigvardsson (
Date: 11/23/96

> Level is actually an "int" which has a value -32k..32k.  Unless you're
> under linux, where "int" is the same as -2.something billion ..
> 2.something billion.

Last time I checked level was a byte (signed char). That was bpl8, and I
believe that no 
change has been made til now either (bpl11). 

The size of an int or any other primitive types depends on how the
compiler interprets it. 
Under linux the most used compiler is gcc and it handles ints as 32 bit

> And you're wrong about byte, byte is 0..255.  Short is -127..128.

You're right about the byte, but you're wrong about the short. Short is
a short int.
Short is defined as a 16 bit integer, thus its range is -32k..32k

// Zigg

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