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From: Peter Hartman (hartman@kuntrynet.com)
Date: 11/23/96

This is an administrative/curiosity question:

Being a fairly new mud (anyone willing to help code/world/etc email me
:>) I wonder a few things:
I've read that OasisOLC is buggy.  Persoanally (after getting the blimey
thing installed right) I haven't been able to complain.  But i have only
used the program for about a week.  I would like to ask anyone who has
been running CircleMUD 3.0bpl11 code for a while if I should do one of
two thoughts that cross my head or suggest another:
a) run two muds ... one on port 6666 which is the developer's mud
running OasisOLC and for wizards only.
Then at midnight or some time during my crontab i would essentially cp
/lib/world/* to the actualy mud runnong on port 4000.  This would
alleviate any memory hashing/data destroying possibilities that OasisOLC
might have.  I would keep seperate mud binaries and datafiles.
b) leave it as it is cuz there arent any real bugs to worry about.

Thanks for any input or suggestions or help.

*-=-=-=-=-=-=-=* w0nderful *-=-* w0rld *-=-* 0f *-=-* wart *-=-=-=-=-*
Eudaemonia Mud: Port 4000
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