[Circle] [saving throws]

From: invincibill (long@hercules.ntsource.com)
Date: 11/24/96

here's what i found.  the do_stat func doesnt check base saving throws. 
it just checks any additional saving affects from equip or spells.(as
far as i could tell)  

to get it to list the chars saving throw, just add to the GET_SAVE(k) in
do_stat the appropriate saving throw from the saving_throw[] in magic.c.

here is a very brief cut, copy of the way i did it..

  sprintf(buf, "AC: [%d/10], Hitroll: [%2d], Damroll: [%2d],Saving
          GET_AC(k), k->points.hitroll, k->points.damroll,
          (GET_SAVE(k, 0)+saving_throws[(int) GET_CLASS(k)][0]
                [(int) GET_LEVEL(k)]),
          (GET_SAVE(k, 1)+saving_throws[(int) GET_CLASS(k)][1]
                [(int) GET_LEVEL(k)]),
          (GET_SAVE(k, 2)+saving_throws[(int) GET_CLASS(k)][2]
                [(int) GET_LEVEL(k)]),
          (GET_SAVE(k, 3)+saving_throws[(int) GET_CLASS(k)][3]
                [(int) GET_LEVEL(k)]),

etc etc

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