[Circle] A scince Projected

From: David Hofmann (david@olsusa.com)
Date: 11/25/96

I'm helping a freind with a sceince projected, would you please fill out
the following form for me.

Whom it may concern:

I am doing a science project on the Internet   (World Wide Web).  I am
going to see if the Internet is addictive or not.  To do this I plan to
make a questionnaire and to pass it out to the people who have access to
the Internet. The question's on the questionnaire are as follows:

How much time do you spend on the Internet, Daily ?

How much time do you spend on the Internet, Weekly ?

How much time do you spend on the Internet, Monthly ?

Do you personally think the Internet is addictive? 

Do spend more time than you think you should surfing the 'Net?

What things do you see while on the Internet?

Do you  use E-mail?

How much time do you spend with Email, daily?

Do you use Chat Rooms?

How much time do you spend in Chat Rooms, daily?

Do you belong to News Groups?

How much time do you spend in News Groups, daily?

Do you use the World Wide Web? 

If so, how much time do you spend on the Web, daily?

What other internet option do you use and how much do you spend using
them ?

Have you ever been on the Internet and have lost track of time?

Have you ever exceeded your allotted hours from your Internet provider?

What Internet provider are you using? 

How many hours are you allotted each month? 

Have you ever had to pay foradditional hours?  

How often does this occur?

When you are not on the Internet are you thinking about being on the

How do you feel when you are on the Internet (i.e., happy, sad)?

Have you ever had your Internet services cut off? 

What was your reaction? 

What social interaction do you have outside of the Internet?

How many friends do you have on the Internet? 

How many friends do you have that are not connected to the Internet?

Have any of your friends or family members complained about the time you
spend at your computer?  

Are there particular areas of the 'Net, or types of files you find hard
to resist?

Have you tried, unsuccessfully, to curtail your use of the 'Net?

What is your age? 

What is your Sex?

Thank you for filling out my questionnaire.  The information you have
gave me will be used as data for 
my science project. 

                                        Thank you again,
                                                Jason Pfaff  

System Administrator 
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