[Circle] [Code] Undefined symbols

From: Eric de Groot (erideg@ptdprolog.net)
Date: 11/25/96


   Sorry to bother you with this, but im very stuck and very desperate;) 
The File I am trying to compile is intermud.c, a file that compiles fine
on linux. And since it compiled fine on linux im figureing I just need to
do some porting to get it to run under SunOS.  The undefineds it picks up
are mostly related to types.h and socket.h I think, and I checked the man
pages and they are all defined right in the intermud.c.
   Now when im compileing this file i type gcc -0 ../bin intermud.c from
the home/god/circle/ directory.  And when it links i get the following

Undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
socket                              /var/tmp/cca003nS1.o
bzero                               /var/tmp/cca003nS1.o
recv                                /var/tmp/cca003nS1.o
accept                              /var/tmp/cca003nS1.o
send                                /var/tmp/cca003nS1.o
bind                                /var/tmp/cca003nS1.o
inet_addr                           /var/tmp/cca003nS1.o
sendto                              /var/tmp/cca003nS1.o
inet_ntoa                           /var/tmp/cca003nS1.o
recvfrom                            /var/tmp/cca003nS1.o
listen                              /var/tmp/cca003nS1.o
ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to ../bin

Anyone see my mistake, what im doing wrong, anyone else out there
use InterMUD?  Im trying to get it compiled under SunOS and its
just not working yet.   

		               Hope someone out there can help,

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