Re: [Circle] Help please

From: Nic Suzor (
Date: 11/25/96

The way i would do it would be roughly like this:

add a new state (CON_ASK_COLOUR) or something, and then find where it sends
the title screen to the player, and remove that. then find where it sets
the state to CON_GET_NAME, and change that to CON_ASK_COLOUR. then go to
interpreter.c, and add a case con_ask_colour, in which you put: 
send_to_q("do you want a colour title? Y/N \r\n", d); 
if (!*arg)
  close socket
if (upper(*arg) == 'Y') {
  send_to_q(your_colour_title_screen, d);
  state(d) = con_get_name
if (upper(*arg) == 'N') {
  send_to_q(your_normal_title_screen, d);
  state(d) = con_get_name
} else 
  send_to_q("please type Y or N: ", d);

now, i dont have the code infront of me, but this should work with a couple
of changes... give it a go...

At 08:05 PM 11/25/96 -0500, BlackWind wrote:
>I've been working for weeks on getting a prompt that asks if you want
>ansi color, that comes up before the greetings screan.  Unsuccesllfully
>obviosly.  Any help would be appriciated.
>	Thanx,
>		Blackwind

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