[Circle] I found the LOOP

From: Bruce, Ray, Phil (bherbert@ns.technonet.com)
Date: 11/26/96

Ok, I found where the problem is in my Major BUG.
Its the FOR loop in this WHILE loop.
But I have no clue what it means, I can barely read this thing...
If anyone can tell me what its looking for? What it means in english?
If you can read out the algorithm in english? I'm not wild with C, but
I can usually get by, this is just a little too messy for me. I understand
what its doing, but I have no clue WHAT those variables mean, if anyone
does, it would be great if you could tell me what its looking up.

  while (*(lbuf + ofs)) {
    log("Starting the say_spell while/for loop!");
    for (j = 0; *(syls[j].org); j++) {
      if (!strncmp(syls[j].org, lbuf + ofs, strlen(syls[j].org))) {
        strcat(buf, syls[j].new);
        ofs += strlen(syls[j].org);

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