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From: Nicholas S. Wourms (
Date: 11/26/96

At 08:13 PM 11/26/96 EST, you wrote:
>> I wonder if anyone has thought of or even done, an ability to code in a
>> way of execcing a BASH shell while online the mud?  I am almost tempted
>> to say that this would be safer than coding in online editors and the
>> like (like oasisOLC).  However, naturally, from a security stand-point
>> this is bad.  Any ideas on this one?  or suggestions?
>I had thought about this well as giving each player on 
>the mud an email address...just use a string in the TO field.  so 
>that players could send and receive email using mudmail.   I gave up, 
>or postponed this idea until I could figure out a secure way of doing 
>this.    I'm not sure it's a good idea at all......I would also be 
>interested in seeing what everyone else thinnks of this.

This is probably way off but there is a way to fiddle around with sending emails from within the mud, using elm.  Of course you /will/ have to fiddle with the code...  So check out the e-mail registration document on the ftp site.  It shows how to call up an external program.  Also the 'file' snippet on the snippets site performs an external program /i think/.  These would be good places to start.  Using the basis of calling external programs, you could creat commands which call upon the.  (i.e., email would call up elm)  I belive that this will be a moderately easy process, so give it a shot.  As for putting bash on the mud, /good/ luck!  Hope this helps a little.

 Nicholas S. Wourms

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