[Circle] [Code] Saving code - Explain please.

From: DJ Pure (pure@ozramp.net.au)
Date: 11/27/96

G'Day all.
	i'm trying to figure this out. It's taken from db.c, void save_char(..)

      if (load_room == NOWHERE) {
	      printf ("blah fhhjhj in here\n");
		  st.player_specials_saved.load_room = NOWHERE;
	  else {
		  printf ("lalalalalalalalaalalalalalal\n");
		  st.player_specials_saved.load_room = world[load_room].number;

Two questions. 

[i] Firstly, I'm using printf's to check if it goes in the second if or the
Well, it goes into BOTH (?????? Don't ask me how). When i use the TRACE
command (I'm using MSVC/win95) the arrow doesn't go INTO that second if
statement, but jumps down to the ELSE. But, It prints both printf's to MY
screen. So the question is .. WHY?

[ii] Secondly,  What does the FIRST if statement me ->(!PLR_FLAGGED ..).

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