Re: [Circle] Skills again...

From: Will Shaw (
Date: 11/29/96

Let me revise the situation with an illustration from my mortal character:

You have 4 practice sessions remaining.
You can practice the following skills:
backstab              (superb)
hide                  (very good)
slit throat           (not learned)
sneak                 (very good)
track                 (very good)
trip                  (not learned)

>pract trip
You do not know of that skill.

>pract slit
You do not know of that skill.

As far as I know, absolutely everything needed to implement a new skill is
correctly in place.  Can anyone offer even a remote speculation as to why
the skills show up, but can't be practiced?

At 16:40 11/29/96 EST, you wrote:
>On Fri, 29 Nov 1996, Will Shaw wrote:
>> I have already done that--which is why this problem is confusing me.
>> >> Ok, I fixed it so that players now see 'slit throat' and 'trip' instead of
>> >> two lines of '!UNUSED!' (see prevoius messages).  Unfortulatley, they
>> >> seem to practice either ("You do not know of that skill.").  Any ideas
>> >> could be going wrong here?  Thanks in advance.
>The above mentioned skillo() call in spell_parser does nothing for skills
>as the comments in the code suggest, exept to give that skill to the
>IMMORTS by default.
>Two things come to mind.
> class.c
> A line such as the above for your skill, giving that skill to a class
> spell_parser.c
>  char *spells[] = 
>  "magic missile",
> A Line such as above, with the exact spelling of what the user is supposed
> to type to practice and/or cast this spell, irregardless of whats
> SPELL_XXX name may be.
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