[Circle] [newbie] mob special procs

From: Joe Frohne (frohne@post.its.mcw.edu)
Date: 11/30/96

Hi All,
I am trying to add a special mob proc and it does not seem to work.  I 
wanted to add the proc like puff the fractral dragon has.  I added the 
approprate things to spec_assign.c.  I added SPECIAL(mob); after the 
entry for puff and ASSIGNMOB(####,mob); in the appropriate place.  I then 
modified the spec_procs.c, which was basical cut and paste of the puff 
command.  When I stat the mob, it says a special proc is assigned.  The 
procedure never fires.  I even changed the number from number(0,60) to 
number(0,5) in hopes that it would fire the proc faster.  I searched the 
code to see what I might have missed, but came up empty.  What file did I 
not modify that needs to be? 

Any help is much apprecitated....


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