[IDEA][RP] The Mana System

From: Nicholas S. Wourms (Prospero@bbs.x-net.net)
Date: 01/01/97

First, before I say anything, please notice the [IDEA] flag.  I am making a
suggestion only, so please don't send attack replys about my demands, since
I have none.

	Now that's outta the way, here's my suggestion.  I have been analyzing the
current mana-based system, and I feel it is good.  However, it lacks
greatly in the Role-Playing department.  I just think that it makes mu's
ho-hum.  Now i say this with great caution, as I am very grateful for
jeremy and DIKU for writing such a good system, I simply want to suggest a
	My idea is to scrap the current mana system, and go to a spell
memorization system.  AD&D people know all about this, but many do not.
The idea here is to force wizards and priests to rest for different amount
of times to gain the ability to cast the spell once.  Harder spells require
more rest/praying.  Also, it limits how many spells, of a particular level,
you can stroe in your head at one time.
	I think this is going to be a massive undertaking, a task of epic
proportions.  However, I have some help.  My question is, has anyone done
this?  Can it be done without rewriting the entire code?  Please no flames,
as I am not asking for the answer on a silver platter, just some hints.
Thanks for taking this into consideration.
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