Re: [NEWBIE} Obuild .o6 problem

From: Sammy (
Date: 01/02/97

On Wed, 1 Jan 1997, Stephen Sweeney wrote:

- After an unsuccessful attempt to install OasisOLC I decided to wipe
- everything clean andtry again from sractch.
- I reinstalled circle30bpl11 and configureed then compiled.  I then
- downloaded obuild6 and uncompressd it into my src directory.  Following the
- instructions I ran configure before attempting make.  When I run make I now
- get the following error message:
- Makefile:21: *** commands commence before first target.  Stop.

Hmm did you possibly copy the included to Makefile?  If not,
make sure you've got the included in your src directory, and
if you haven't run configure, do that too.  If all else fails, mail me the


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