Re: Renameing files

From: Chris Grantham (
Date: 01/02/97

Chris Grantham wrote:
>  You might try this:
> sprintf(buf, "cp %s %s\nrm %", oldfile, newfile, newfile)

It wuz bound to happen one of these days. I'm wrong.. that highlighted
var. should be oldfile.. sorry.
> system(buf);
> That's just an approach, and as many before me have said: Written in
> the mailer don't blame me when it blows up. (And it will blow up..
> you'll have to check the syntax.. but you get the idea..)
> This is ofcoz assuming you want to do it in circle.. in unix well
> phhh.. if u don't know that, you shouldn't be running a mud.
> Chris
Also, sorry about the HTML garbage at the end here.. having troubles
with the New Moz. Mailer.


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