Ranged weapons patch (was Re: Pwiping)

From: AxL (axl@mindwarp.plymouth.edu)
Date: 01/02/97

> > > > if you are on a unix 
> > > > cat /dev/null > mud/lib/etc/players
> > This will cat 'null' into the file called 'players'
> > 
> > > cat mud/lib/etc/players >/dev/null
> > This will cat players to nowhere.  Not remove it.
> Yipes.. My fault.  meant mv not cat.

	God this thread is getting silly. :)  But I would tend to think

cp /dev/null mud/lib/etc/players

	would work just fine, no?  I don't see the need for redirection
of any of the files in this case.


	Ok...now that I have had a chance to play with the ranged weapon
stuff from the patch posted awhile ago, I have found a few, err,
features. :)  
	The mud would crash with a mem fault if:

- Attempt to use a ranged weapon w/o holding an appropriate missile.

- Shooting at a mob that is out of range of the missile weapon.

- Your target does not exist in the room.

	All involve just putting in the proper checks...I did the first
one easily enough, the other two are just a matter of finding howto
properly reference the victim in the next room. :) 

	If other's are having similar difficiltiy, I can post my fixes
when they're done.

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