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From: Alvoria MUD (
Date: 01/02/97

On Fri, 3 Jan 1997, Brian Jones wrote:
> <lines from mobpsec.c starting from line 46 snipped>
> 	Do I have this right? Or is this calling something else. If it
> matters, this is from bpl11. thanks for your help. I already have code for
> some customized guards and am working on a captian that simulates the
> mayor and follows a path around the city. 

Oops... I could have sworn spec_procs were called after all the mob flag
actions... sorry about that.

> 	Another person emailed me and told me having 100-150 spec_procs on
> a mud with a large amount of playes would lag the mud to badly. I guess I
> will try it and see the results. But I found a page that may be of use to
> me in coding spec_procs that don't preform unneeded code.
>   run by one of my admins :)   Maybe it will be of use to someone. 

Hm... Seeing as you've seen a lot of the code, which do you think would
really make the mud lag more; a large number of players playing, or a
100-150 spec_procs being called every PULSE_MOBILE seconds... Anyhow,
having a large number of players would multiply some of the lag made by
spec_procs. In either case, optimizing on behalf of both doesn't do much
when actual netlag is involved :P.

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