Re: [Coding]

From: Sammy (
Date: 01/03/97

On 3 Jan 1997, Adam Befeler wrote:

- I am a relitively new coder, and I am wondering wether anybody has the code
- for a working "link loader". If somebody has it could that please post it
- here, or upload it or a patch. I am completely lost when I try to think of
- how to code it. 

If by link loading you mean loading a character from the pfile from a
character in the game (ie: an imm loading a player), look at do_stat.
When you "stat file" someone, you're loading them from the pfile, statting
them, and extracting them.  If you don't extract them, and place them in a
room, they'll be a linkless character in that room.


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